Sherry was my first wine obsession.

I first appreciated it at an honorary tasting for the late A. Dinsmoor "Dinny" Webb, a longtime professor of Enology at UC Davis and sherry enthusiast. I delved deeper, started keeping Tio Pepe in the fridge, and ultimately was able to try many of the benchmark wines of the style due to its relative affordability for a thrifty college student. 

Years later, I was practicing viticulture in California's old vine vineyards--first with Ridge Vineyards and then with my current employer, Bedrock Wine Co. I was drawn to the interplanted Palomino vines not only for their inseperable association with Sherry, but also for their incredible vitality, drought tolerance, crimson foliage and richly golden clusters. Knowing my love for sherry, Bedrock offered me the chance to make wine from the Palomino vines interplanted within the Evangelho Vineyard in 2017. Now, many harvests later, I have a small solera of this wine that is ready to share.

Soleras del Pacífico seeks to learn how this variety, made to its full potential through the techniques of the Iberian Peninsula, expresses itself in California. 


Old vine pruning


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